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We are committed to assisting users with access to the Site. Our accessibility standards have worked towards AA compliance within W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards, and this has been achieved in many areas of the Site.

Supported Browsers

Our desktop Site was developed to support AA compliance where possible on the following browsers:

Our mobile version of the Site was developed to support AA compliance on the following browsers:

Compatible Browser* Minimum Device or Operating System
Internet Explorer 11 (and all later releases) Windows 10
Mozilla Firefox 50 (and all later releases) Windows 10
Safari 9.0, (and all later releases) iPhone 6S
Chrome 54.0 (and all later releases) Samsung Galaxy S6

Text Size

The browsers we support feature in-built accessibility tools, including zoom and text-resizing.

You can change the text size or adjust the page zoom in your desktop browser by following these instructions:

You can also set a minimum text size. Look in the Preferences, under the Advanced tab.

Useful Links Accessibility

General Links:

Vision-related Web Links:

Operating Systems Accessibility Links:

Hearing Related Web Links:


*Please note that iFollow is not supported in private browsing mode and live video streaming is not supported on iOS and Android devices.